More than a trainer.


I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind and supportive comments after my last entry. I am so lucky to know so many kind people. So let's move on to my next subject. Like I stated before I want to also use my blog for telling you about my awesome clients.

I am not going to name names but I have really outstanding client that I have been training for almost a year now and something recently made me break down. She came to me a little out of shape and not super strong, but was determined to reach her goal. I also noticed that she was very shy and not so sure of herself. Well over this past year I have watched this young woman not only become much stronger, but her confidence is through the roof. Fast forward to last week. She talked her mother into training with me and on our initial visit she thanked me for everything that I have done for her daughter. I thanked her and she stopped me and told me that I was more than a trainer, that I had helped her daughter many ways. I won't share the details, but before we were done we were both in tears.

It just goes to show you that you never know a person's story and every time I train somebody I may not just be helping them get a workout I may be just helping. 

Bill BitzComment