MUTU®System is the definitive, medically endorsed Mommy Tummy Workout System, created by postpartum fitness expert, Wendy Powell. A proven, tried & tested solution for ‘mommy tummy’, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness and a core that isn’t as functional or strong as you’d like it to be.

As a MUTU Pro Certified Trainer, I will guide you through the exercises that are vital for re-building your core. I’ll ensure you’re truly benefiting from your workouts, teach you about alignment, modify your exercises based on your individual needs, keep you motivated and most importantly, help you to identify the exercises that are making your core weaker.

Alongside my classes, it will be extremely beneficial for you to have your own copy of the MUTU System Program so you can continue your recovery at home between sessions. As your certified MuTu Pro, I can share my exclusive discount with you through this link: Bill Bitz MUTU Pro Link