Week of 1/31/16

Today's workout is a great mix of cardio and strength endurance.  Make sure that you warm up and cool down properly.  As always if you have any questions on these exercises please contact me.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Part 1- SpeedBlast Circuit- 2 Rounds of 45sec each station

  1. Cones Forward/Backward (High knees to Butt kicks)
  2. Ladder Buzzsaw (feet in,in,out,out)
  3. Squat to ball toss
  4. Jump Rope

Part 2- PHA- 3 rounds- 1 45second & 2 30second

  1. Battle Ropes
  2. TRX Squat Jump Squat or Squat
  3. TRX Rows Neutral grip to Pronated grip
  4. Hip extensions w/Ball or external weight
  5. KB Curl to press Front leg on balance board or Single leg
  6. Squat to Ball pickup w/over shoulder toss