Week of 3/27/16

Holy Crap I think I was out of my mind with today's program!  Pretty aggressive workout for Easter.  Make sure to eat your Wheaties and protein before starting this one.  Enjoy!!

Circuits - 3 Rounds of Each Exercise 60sec/45sec/30sec With 200meter run with 10lb plate overhead

Box Station

  1. Box Jump or Stepup
  2. Tricep dips

TRX Station

  1. Pistol Squat Jumps or Pistol Squats
  2. Rows

Ladder Station

  1. Icky Shuffle/High Knees/Lateral Shuffle
  2. Pushup Ladder

KettleBell Station

  1. Swing Russian or American Swing
  2. Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Hurdle Station

  1. Hurdle Course
  2.  Hurdle Burpee

BOSU & Ball Station

  1. Pulse Squats
  2. Ball Slams