Week of 4/17/16

Today was the perfect balance of cardio and strength.  SAQ drills along with a grueling dose of the card game.  Have fun with this one!

Part 1- SpeedBlast-Ladders - 3 Rounds of 45sec each station

  1. Lateral Shuffle w/ 3 KB Swings on each side of the ladder
  2. Iggy Shuffle or High Knees w/ 3 ball sit squats on each side the ladder
  3. Buzzsaw w/ 3 Ball Slams in each side of the ladder
  4. Hop in Hop out w/ 3 180 degree jumps on each side of the ladder

Part 2- Card Game - 25 minutes complete as many cards as possible

  • Hearts- Pushups
  • Diamonds- Lunge Jump
  • Spades- Curl to Press
  • Clubs- Overhead Body Weight Squat
  • Joker 1- 90 sec plank
  • Joker 2- 60 sec wall sit
  • Waiting exercise- Jumping Jacks