Exciting Announcement! MuTu System to be offered soon.

I am proud to announce that very soon I will be a Certified MuTu Pro.  MuTu is a complete body make-over for moms who want to shift the "mommy tummy", heal their core and pelvic floor and get strong, fit and truly body confident inside and out.  As a MuTu Pro I will be fully trained and certified to teach MuTu System methods, workouts, and philosophy.  This is the first time that a certification as ever been offered by founder Wendy Powell and I will be one of a very small group of individuals allowed to teach and train MuTu System.  Check out mutusystem.com for some information on the program.  Please share with anyone that may be interested in the program.  In the coming weeks I will be announcing upcoming classes.  

Bill BitzComment